Monday, March 26, 2007

Working Late (in progress)

22"x29", charcoal on paper


I am taking a big step becoming a FINE ARTIST starting this year from the commercial artist in the field of animation for 17 yrs since the graduation from ACCD in 1990.
Through this portrait of my self working late, I like to create the intensified mood--the chaotic feeling toward the new transition in my life.


I worked more on V.1, mostly the head. I like this one better.
I got rid of sadness from the face.
It took for a while up to this point.
I have to pay more careful attention to the 'serious diagonals', dramatic lighting, hierarchy of light and darks which introduced in my thumbnail sketch. Sticking with the thumbnail for the much larger work is very challenging. When I used the term "overworked", Michael Newberry, my mentor in NY, would say " out of focus" - meaning I am not staying with my thumbnail.


I look kind of sad here. This expression is not what I am after, even I got the likeness of me very well here.

Michael thinks this thumbnail is very successful. That means ---if thumbnail works well, stick to it for the larger piece,
----stay in focus!!.

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