Friday, April 22, 2011

"Red Roof "

10"x8", oil on canvas board
I'd like to share a painting I did on one Saturday for a month ago. This is a view from the hill at Pierce college looking down San Fernando valley toward North.
I live far at the mountain ridge on the right top corner of this painting.
I feel good with this painting, still I think I treated too literally. While I was painting this, I was thinking Cezanne. I am quite interested in Cezanne's composition. I wonder that any influence of Cezanne has reflected in this painting. Well....

I love the beginning of this painting posted below. It has spontaneity and abstracted quality I always seek. I labored hours more from this stage. On such a small size of surface. Why!?

Below is a photo I took that afternoon. My painting is done in one afternoon on the spot, not painted from the photo at all. But see how exact my painting is to this photo. It is scary!!
Only thing I did is I tried to frame the camera as same as my painting when I was taking the photo.

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Dulce Quirarte said...

I love this Hye, its very inspirational. Your painting is almost like the same picture you took. Its like your eye was the lense of the camera.