Sunday, July 17, 2011

"Lavender on Blue"

5"x7", oil on gesso board


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Lorraine Shirkus said...

I don't know if you ended up with 2 paintings or overpainted one . . . I prefer the top one. It has a lovely gesture and looks very alive! I know exactly what you mean--when painting doesn't go well, I feel deflated. What I'm trying to do to combat it is to shift my focus from painting form to concentrating on the entire surface. It's been important to learn how to paint the objects but I had forgotten about the other things that make a good painting like light and texture and where the darks should be; or, what if I put this color next to that--what can I do to make the surface come alive? Thinking in terms of a sketch may make the left brain quiet is what I'm hoping. I'm working on 8 x 10 for small format and on Canson pastel board that I seal with matte medium. It's cheap so it makes a final painting less important and allows more room to do more with background. I'm also working larger and hoping to bring the sketchy spirit to those, too. Terry Miura uses loose canvas taped to a board. If a painting comes out good, he mounts it to board. If not, into the trash! That's how I need to think! Instead of focusing on becoming "good" I think we both need to find our creativity, the thing that brought us to art in the first place. You know? Happy painting to you!!