Monday, March 23, 2009

"Morning Breeze"

at The Corner of My Backyard

8"x10", oil on canvas panel


gg. said...

I love your paintings. Your brush strokes look beautiful. I like that you focus on studying few objects rather than clustered still life. I am trying to learn from you. Always look forward to your postings.

HYE Y COH said...

gg,Thanks for a wonderful comment and following my Blog.
You are a fellow CG artist.
I am trying to do a small painting a day lately to get more fluent.

gg. said...

Hye, I stand no where in comparison to your experience and talent. I have a long-long way to go. Saw your profile on LinkedIn and that's how I got to your blogspot. Would you be interested and give feedback on my work if I share it with you? I will be grateful.


HYE Y COH said...

Please email me anytime:
My email:

Jim Mitchell said...

beautiful lighting Hye!