Saturday, August 27, 2011

"Tomato and Knife II"

 "Tomato and Knife II"
7"x5", oil on Canvas board

I am trying to paint with more paint on the brush lately.
It requires a commitment. Instead of layering with thin paints or picking up the the color from here and there on the palette, I have to mix certain amount of paints to be able to load the brush.
It frees me from getting into too much details, giving the life to the painting. Also I like the interesting edges happening naturally.

This the second painting of "Tomato and Knife" for me. Since one is sold through DPW Action recently, I decided do another one.
Definitely, "Tomato and Knife" is DiebenKorn inspired subject.
His tomato paintings are looking like he just slopped down the paints in 5 minutes. But when I examined his paintings, I realized how accurate his observation is and .......his compositions!!
How could I be bold and confident as he is!
He is one of the artist I admire most. I am so amazed by all of his works!!


Linda Popple said...

Very nice! I like the colors in your shadows.

Virginia Floyd said...

Really well done. Great composition and colors. I really like the loaded brushstrokes. I too am trying to use more paint and I don't find it easy!

suzannepaints said...

Nice! You succeeded, Hye. Beautiful.

Lorraine Shirkus said...

Diebenkorn is my hero and I recognized this subject immediately! I LOVE the way you painted this! Beautiful and full of light and texture . . .