Sunday, February 8, 2009

The below paintings are my recent daily paintings.

7"x5", oil on panel

I spend so much time with this one more than any other paintings I do for my daily practice. After all the agonizing process, I like this paining. It has a soul.

"Red Delicious"
6"x6", oil on canvas panel

This is not good copy of real painting. It has lot more richness to the color.

8"x10" oil on canvas

7"x10" oil on canvas

I didn't expect much from what I was painting.
I just did it to keep my sanity from the nightmare of fixing home after renting out home for an year and half while I was in London.
But I am very happy with this painting. It is one of my best I feel. It is rather calm than my state of mind and has beatiful color harmony, blue and orange.
9"x12", oil on canvas panel

"Yellow pepper"
8"x10", oil on canvas panel