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"Figure Drawing" class at SFCC

I will be teaching "Figure Drawing" this Fall at SFCC (Santa Fe Community College, Santa Fe, NM). 

SFCC The School of Art & Design is offering "Figure Drawing" for the coming Fall semester.:)
SFCC didn't have "Figure Drawing" in their curriculum for the recent years. I joined their faculty and will be teaching "Figure Drawing" this Fall.
At any rate, I might be teaching both "Figure Drawing" and "Figure Painting" in the Spring 2016 semester!!
If you are not satisfied with the way your drawings look, or how much work it seems to take, "Figure Drawing" class at SFCC could be the perfect starting place!!
From this class, you will avoid years of struggle. The drawing will become easier and enable you to infuse more life into your work.
Also the drawing process presented in this class can be treated to different artistic ventures: sculpture, modeling, painting or getting into the exciting field of art industry involving human forms (3D modeling, animation, game art, concept design, comics, etc).