Sunday, May 11, 2014

"Tilda "

24X24, Mixed Media, on Canvas

working in process

These are working process of my final piece for this course. Not finished yet: 24x24, on canvas, Mixed media ( acrylics, sand, and pastel) I had a surface I created for a while ago as the base of a painting. It has lots of texture. My reference is Tilda Swinton which I use for the previous charcoal study. There I didn't include the hands. Here I am adding hands. 1) I applied reds and green over the old surface. I forgot to take photo of the old surface. Blue showing through is old surface. 2) I applied light browns and scratch some random lines. 3) Wash off some part to reveal underneath 4) Draw in hands and facial feature.





Thursday, May 8, 2014

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

"pink socks"

Oil on canvas, 12x18

This is from a photo of my daughter sitting on the big cushion with her cat, looking up. I skipped the cat to paint. The diagonals in composition intrigued me to paint this.

My daughter is one person I know who wares "Pink" so well, as a grownup, naturally.
Color "Pink" and I don't complement each other. With pink on me, my skin color looking ugly and ,vice versa. On me, color pink looks so unnatural, unsophisticated color.