Saturday, December 8, 2007

"Hannah "

23"x32",nude study, ink on paper
I met Hannah at Candid Art tudio, London, so close from my flat.
I feel home at the art studio where I talk with the artists and models.
Most models are artist themselves. Hannah has bright orange color hair and she is a set design major art student.


left hands drawings with continuous stroke

Finally Back to Drawing...

23"x32", charcoal on paper


Thursday, April 26, 2007

Working Late

22"x29", charcoal on paper

This is a continuous work from March. I would like to call it as Final version for now. It is so close to Thumbnail study now. I might like to do oil studies with this.

Thumbnail Sketch


11"x14", oil on panel

This is my weekly "Alla Prima" painting at Art Center. This setting was reminding me of Last Emperor who is going through the perils of of his country in modern history.
I chose the strong contrast of color in hue, saturation and value. Jagged shadow of bamboo leaves accentuating the conflicts and drama.

A State of Abstraction

11"x14", oil on panel

This an oil study done at Art Center. I felt the color harmony of different shades of orange in this setting had priority over the depiction of the details in the figure. In this painting, he is lost in study to the acquisition of knowledge.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Wearing Korean Costume

11"x14", oil on panel

She is a young Japanese descendant wearing Korean costume for this Friday painting session at Art Center. I could see her personality and attitude showing through this portrait, making me chuckle.


14"x18", oil on panel

I did this this oil painting one afternoon in December/2006 at ACCD painting workshop. This model was just like walked out of the painting of John William Waterhouse, one of my favorite artist. She just looked like a mermaid in the legend. I only had one session with her for this pose.
I am very happy with this painting. Misty background suggesting the forest and lagoon I created, the light hitting the front of figure......Every thing looks just right in this painting. It has fresh, sketch-like quality.
The spontaneity is one of the quality I pursuit all the time in my work. She was going back home to New York that weekend. I wish that she lives in LA, so I could paint her often.

John William Waterhouse
A Mermaid

John William Waterhouse
The Nymphs Study

Wisteria Lane

9"x12" oil on panel

Happy Spring!
On last Wed. morning, went to Wisteria Lane, a private residence in Sierra Madre (Guinness Book of World Records) with my weekly Plein Air painting group. How humongous area wisteria is covering!! The air was filled with fragrance. Dappled light on the wisteria covered ground was so beautiful. I had to dash off quickly as I could to catch the moment. It took only 45 min to do this painting.


Geisha (芸者)

16"x20", oil on panel

I went Art Center last Friday afternoon to paint. The model was Sarah. I used to paint her quite often in the past. She is an extra ordinary beauty, also very creative.
This time, she was Japanese Geisha holding the sword in the silk robe with the embroidery.
I am surprised at this painting a week later. I have realized that my approach to the way of the painting is quite different every time even with the same model. With this painting, there is a drama and energy through the stroke I created in this painting. It shows the strong characteristics of Geisha (芸者) who is a professional entertainer as an artist, musician, dancer, and communicator. 芸 (gei) meaning "art" and 者 (sha) meaning "person" or "doer."

Friday, March 30, 2007


18"x24" charcoal on paper

I haven't seen Brandt for a while since I left Disney Feature animation studio, which was the beginning of 2002. He told me that he went to Seattle to work for a couple of years. He used have a long hair, posing for Tarzan. He is such a handsome, delightful model. When you do the study on the head, you really could tell what good model is. This was 3 hour long pose. After every 20 min break, he was coming back with exact same pose and same glance. Wow!!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Working Late (in progress)

22"x29", charcoal on paper


I am taking a big step becoming a FINE ARTIST starting this year from the commercial artist in the field of animation for 17 yrs since the graduation from ACCD in 1990.
Through this portrait of my self working late, I like to create the intensified mood--the chaotic feeling toward the new transition in my life.


I worked more on V.1, mostly the head. I like this one better.
I got rid of sadness from the face.
It took for a while up to this point.
I have to pay more careful attention to the 'serious diagonals', dramatic lighting, hierarchy of light and darks which introduced in my thumbnail sketch. Sticking with the thumbnail for the much larger work is very challenging. When I used the term "overworked", Michael Newberry, my mentor in NY, would say " out of focus" - meaning I am not staying with my thumbnail.


I look kind of sad here. This expression is not what I am after, even I got the likeness of me very well here.

Michael thinks this thumbnail is very successful. That means ---if thumbnail works well, stick to it for the larger piece,
----stay in focus!!.

Tribal Queen

16"x20", oil on panel


16"x20', oil on panel

Afternoon Light

9"x12", oil on panel

How quickly late afternoon light changes! I had to work really FAST. The fast approach created juicy big, thick strokes which created the vitality and presence of the hardy cactus enduring the harsh sun all the time.
I have to get back to exact same time to get the correct lighting on the brick.

Man of Being

9"x12", oil on panel

Past Bedtime

9"x12", oil on panel

Golden Girl

11"x14", oil on panel


11"x14", oil on panel