Thursday, February 18, 2016

one more Self Portrait

I forgot this one. I thought that I did more than three, during Jan. 
It goes into that experimental Self Portraits series.

Oil , on Canvas, 16 x 18

Large Painting_in Progress.

This is a much larger painting than my usual size, yeh,.. for me, LARGE!  31"x44"
I am so uncomfortable painting on this huge surface.
My recent setting I have, tools and palette doesn't work well with the larger painting, I am realizing.
It is hard to see the painting as a whole when you laying the stroke. After every single mark I make, I got to back up and look at it from the distance, to see if that mark is working.  I feel I am doing almost like blind painting.

Learning experience! Getting out of the comfort zone!

Oil, on Paper, 31"x44"

Self Portraits

I am exploring the different  way of painting.
My self  is  best model I have, as always.

Oil, on Canvas, 16x18