Saturday, April 12, 2008

Double Figure Compositions

23" x 32", charcoal on paper

These are 10 to 15 min. each quick studies.
When I draw fast, I could get into only the essence. It is very much intuitive and spontaneous process.
I have enjoyed these two figures composition.
During my Art Center time, I had one great experience creating two figure sculpture using wax through Harry Carmean's drawing class.
I remembered well how much I enjoyed it that time also.
In the future, when I have more time to get into my own work, definitely I am going to explore more multi-figure composition.


Anita said...

super fluidity in these figures - you have a super style!

Anonymous said...

Hi Hye - great figure sketches. I hope to get back to ACCD to figures soon. Taken away from my art which disappoints me, but I am looking forward to Michael's workshop.

How is London? Are you just having the time of your life?

Hope all is well with you.

Unknown said...

beautiful drawings!

Stephanie Berry said...

Nice drawings--I go to a life drawing group too. It's a great discipline, isn't it?