Tuesday, January 31, 2012

"Objet d'Art"

 "Objet d'Art"
12"x12", oil on Canvas

This is a painting I did last Fall for the oil painting class at Pierce College.
Objective of this assignment was to intrigue the viewer and create the impact with a painting from a plain, ordinary object... not looking as random or insignificant, but awesome, intriguing, powerful, and  precious.
These are just plain oranges and a a new 12x12 cotton canvas.
I put them close together barely touching each other, to create the visual tension.  The canvas was new, still wrapped with clear plastic. It creates the reflective surface.
Canvas and oranges are just usual objects.
But in this painting, these two plain objects, a canvas and oranges, looking awesome.

This painting  was chosen for the student show for the gallery, making me so happy!

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Virginia Floyd said...

Beautiful! Interesting composition, with the angular planes of the box contrasting with the circles of the oranges. And beautiful values on your oranges!