Thursday, July 28, 2011

9"x12", oil on canvas board

I hesitate to post this painting because this painting is one of those quite experimental, problematic and not quite resolved yet with composition, color balance, brush me.
Seems like I am treating paintings as labor instead of free flowing creative activity lately.
In this painting, the first problem I have created was adding the reddish background behind the apple. Somehow, I like to add some geometric shapes to the still life painting. Then work with red, I used yellow green on the flowers.



Lorraine Shirkus said...

To my eye, this is a terrific painting! The colors you chose give it a feeling of peace but the gestures and brush strokes give it dynamism. I love the composition, color, texture, the way you painted the apples and vase, the sketchy apple in back and I love the red vertical. Don't touch it! Hang it somewhere where you can see it everyday and you'll start seeing all the great things about it.

Helen H Trachy said...

Hi there! I find your painting full of harmony. The flowers and the apples come out beautifully, and the light is very present.